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The Jewish View

The Jewish View is designed to be an educational, public affairs program that draws on the thoughts and sentiments of our guests by being proactive and challenging without being offensive. As we typically say, you don’t have to be Jewish to be on The Jewish View. Many prominent people have graced our stage with their own unique perspective on how their specific field of expertise impacts their vocation from a variety of disciplines. Our guests have come from the arts, education, entertainment, advocacy groups, law enforcement, corrections, four authors, three Holocaust survivors, a dozen Jewish social service organizations and the occasional rabbi. We have had guests on the program from the three branches of government and elected officials from the local to federal level including more than 50 members of the state Assembly, more than 20 state Senators, five members of Congress and seven judges. In a four year period we have discussed financial issues, taxes, school violence, gun rights and gun control, the effects the Holocaust had on survivors, separating teens from adults in the prison system, how Jewish groups are responding to societal challenges such as poverty, special needs children and aging in the Jewish community as well as Jewish artists performing on the program. We also went behind prison walls to tape two programs with inmates who have an affinity with Judaism. We invite you to view the programs we have taped by accessing our website: www.jewishviewtv.com. In more than 460 uninterrupted half-hour episodes of The Jewish View, in just four years, Rabbi Nachman Simon and I have been able to explore these lifestyle topics from multiple viewpoints. As a result, our efforts have been met with favorable reviews. To date we have been confined to a basic television studio without modern-day capabilities. We are now seeking to improve the quality our program by purchasing a portable studio and pushing the program through live-streaming and social media. We have created a website, in the process of developing brand loyalty, responding to viewer requests and focusing on search engine optimization. We also want to distribute the program to commercial broadcast television stations across New York state. The most likely broadcast entities we could gain approval to accept our program on a braodcast television channel will be MYTV and the CW networks. To do this effectively we need to raise $25,000 for equipment and $50,000 for part-time independent contractors to run the camera switcher and another professional staff person to successfully push the videos through social media. Your generous contribution to this effort is tax-deductible. As an added bonus, for any contribution of $5,000 or greater we would be excited to add your company logo or any other appropriate acknowledgement to all promotional pieces associated with the programs including all branding of this undertaking. Regardless of the level of giving, we will provide a mention at the end of each show that “This program was brought to you in part by the gracious contribution from __________.”

About Us Rabbi Nachman Simon Born in Chicago, Rabbi Simon received his rabbinic ordination from the Chabad-Lubavitch Central Yeshiva in 1977. He then moved to West Hartford, CT, to begin Jewish outreach and a family. Rabbi Simon moved to Albany, NY, in 1987. He has been teaching adult classes about the Talmud, Jewish mysticism, innovating discussion groups and seminars such as the Jewish Learning Institute. He has been facilitating these programs for 30 years. Rabbi Simon provides prison visitation to Jewish inmates in upstate New York. He teaches children at the Maimonides Hebrew Day School and runs a summer day camp, Camp Gan Israel. He resides in Delmar, NY with his wife, Clara. They have 13 children and are blessed with many grandchildren.

Marc Gronich Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Marc attended public schools and an Orthodox Talmud Torah school. Marc attended the University at Albany, receiving his Bachelor’s degree in 1981. That same year he began his own business, Statewide News Service. While in college he began covering events at the state Capitol in 1979. An award-winning journalist, his tenure now spans six gubernatorial administrations. During this time Marc also worked brief stints for Democrats, Republicans, a political organization and a gubernatorial campaign for an Independence party candidate holding a behind-the-scenes, front row seat.

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